How to Succeed in an Online Course

Image of student studying

Greetings students! Whether you are an experienced online learner, have had coursework with online elements, or never have engaged with an online environment outside of course websites on Canvas or Sakai, this website is here to provide resources and information for you. We are in this together, and everyone at Rutgers is committed to supporting you in this unexpected and challenging situation.

Most importantly, keep this in mind: Your goals as a student, and the goals your professors have for you in your coursework, remain the same. What is changing – for now – is how you will pursue and attain those goals.

Enroll anytime, in our asynchronous, online Canvas learning module: How to Succeed in Online Courses.

Here’s a start to help you succeed in your online course:

If you’d like to meet with an Academic Coach at the Learning Centers for a more personalized plan of success, please schedule one on our website here: