Writing Tutoring

Our program supports writers in a variety of disciplines and range of courses.*  Our writing tutors meet with students in small groups to discuss:

  • brainstorming topics
  • organizing ideas
  • formulating a thesis
  • structuring paragraphs
  • developing an argument

Writing tutoring is free and offered by appointment and drop-in. Our drop-in tutoring is exclusively in-person, while appointments are offered online. To view our drop-in schedule or to make an appointment, please visit the LC | Writing Tutoring community on Penji.

You can bring a draft of your paper for a course*, or a personal statement for graduate or professional school, or meet to brainstorm ideas for writing. We will have a conversation about your writing and help develop a plan for the next step, whether it is outlining, researching, drafting, or revising. We will provide feedback and suggestions on sentence structure, paragraph development, and the overall flow of the paper, but we do not provide proofreading or copy editing services.

Asynchronous feedback on your writing: If you prefer, you can submit your draft paper on our Canvas site and a tutor will provide general comments and feedback on your paper within 24 hours. Please note our tutors will not edit your paper.

Graduate students: To make an appointment with a graduate-level writing tutor, log into Penji and visit the LC | Writing Tutoring community. Select the topic Graduate-Level Writing. You will be directed to graduate-level tutor availability.

Questions?  Please use our contact form.


*We do not provide tutor support for Writing Program courses (01:355:xxx, 01:356:xxx), including Expository Writing and Basic Composition.  Visit the Rutgers Writing Centers for their tutor services.