Peer Group Tutoring

Tutor schedules will be available beginning on Monday, Sept. 6th and hours will continue to be added throughout the first few weeks of the semester as tutors finalize their schedules.

The Learning Centers offers FREE subject-specific tutoring to assist Rutgers students with their coursework. We seek to promote a collaborative academic environment where students, faculty, and tutors work together to enhance students' academic and personal growth. Tutoring is available in two formats: drop-in tutoring through the Learning Centers and one-on-one tutoring in partnership with the SAS Honors Program.

During the Fall 2021 Semester, Learning Center peer group tutoring services will be offered both in-person at each of the 4 NB campuses and online via Zoom.

To view tutor availability by course, see our Tutor Schedule page.

Set up your Penji account to access our online services.

Our peer leaders and coaches will be using Zoom to provide services online and Penji to schedule those services. If you have not done so already, it is best to create a Rutgers Zoom account to make sure you can easily access meetings held via Zoom and help us maintain a secure online environment. As programs and courses across the University use Zoom more frequently, it's best to do this to ensure you don't have any connection problems.

You will also need to create a Penji account; this is how you will find and schedule Learning Center services online. Navigate to and use your Rutgers email address to create an account. Once you do, you will see a list of communities. Each community is a different service available to you. You can join as many communities as are available. Please see the instructions below for how to connect with tutoring using our new platform.

How to Access Drop-In Tutoring

  • Create a Penji account using your Rutgers email to get started. You can view our introductory video for instructions on how to set up an account and add your courses to Penji.
  • Download Penji on iOS and Android to use on your mobile phone, or use the web version to access these services.
  • You will need a tablet or computer, preferably with a microphone and camera.

One-on-One Tutoring (offered by the SAS Honors Program)

  • Learn about the SAS Honors Volunteer Program Tutoring Program (open to all students)
  • Connect with a tutor through the Penji App and choose the SAS Honors Program Tutoring community to schedule an appointment.
  • One-on-One tutoring appointments will be available starting September 13 and end the last week of classes (fall and spring semesters only).
  • For questions, please contact Dorene Pardun at
  • SAS Honors Program volunteer tutoring will begin in mid-September.

The Peer Tutors

The LC tutors are Rutgers undergraduate and occasionally graduate students who have previously taken the course being tutored and have earned a grade of A or B+. The tutors understand the challenges of the course and are eager to share what they have learned to help you to do well in the course. All tutors receive on-going training both in best current tutoring practices and on tutoring strategies relevant to their tutoring discipline.