Peer Tutoring



The Learning Centers will be using the Webex platform to provide Online Tutoring for Summer Session 2020. Webex is available for free to all students at Rutgers –

Here’s what you will need to access the Online Tutoring: 

  1. A laptop or desktop computer with webcam and microphone.
  2. An active Webex account through Rutgers –

To access the Online Tutoring Schedule beginning, Wednesday, May 27th:

  1. Click on the following link: Online Tutoring Schedule
  2.  Find the session you wish to join and click on the link up to 15 minutes before, and any time during, the scheduled time slot.

Any questions, please email:



The Peer Tutoring Program is free and open to all currently enrolled Rutgers University students. We offer tutoring for several introductory courses and some upper-level courses. Tutoring is available in two formats:

Walk-in-Tutoring (offered by the Learning Centers)
  • View the Online Tutoring Schedule
  • No appointment necessary during scheduled hours
  • Located at all four Learning Centers
  • Begins first week of classes and ends last day of classes

During the fall, spring and summer session semesters, the Learning Centers offer subject-specific tutoring to assist Rutgers students with their coursework. This FREE service is coordinated by the Learning Center staff.  The Learning Centers seek to promote a collaborative academic environment where students, faculty, and tutors work together to enhance students' academic and personal growth. The tutoring program is not only for students who are having difficulty with the course material, but also for students who are looking to excel.

The walk-in group tutoring begins the first week of classes and ends the last day of classes. Limited tutoring is available during the reading days and finals based upon tutor availability.

The Peer Tutors

The LC tutors are Rutgers undergraduate and occasionally graduate students who have previously taken the course being tutored and have earned a grade of A or B+. The tutors understand the challenges of the course and are eager to share what they have learned to help you to do well in the course. All tutors receive on-going training both in best current tutoring practices and on tutoring strategies relevant to their tutoring discipline.


LC tutors can view the training schedule and sign up for training using our student request form.

One-on-One Tutoring (offered by the SAS Honors Program)