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2021 - 2022 Academic Year

Applications for 2021-2022 Academic Year Learning Assistant (LA) positions have closed (they were open from February 22 - March 21, 2021). 

If you are interested in learning more about the LA Program, click here.

If you have additional questions, please contact the LA Program Staff at

Group Interviews

Applicants who advance to the interview stage will be notified via email. These applicants will be added to a Canvas site to facilitate signing up for a group interview. Sign up occurs on a first-come, first-served basis and closes 48 hours before the session starts. Each interview session is limited to 16 applicants.


All applicants eligible for the 2021-2022 academic year Learning Assistant positions will be informed of their application status starting in May through the summer break via email. If you applied for this position and have not received an email about your status by then, please contact the LA Program Staff at

List of 2021-2022 Courses with LA positions available

013:162- Elementary Urdu I/II 

013:260/262- Intermediate Hindi I/II 

013:433- Modern Urdu Literature and Popular Culture 

020:210- Introduction to Agriculture and Food Systems 

020:296- Honor Seminar "Feeding the World" 

090:125- Honors College Forum 

115:403/404- General Biochemistry 

125:306- Biomedical Kinetics & Thermodynamics 

146:356- Systems Physiology 

155:201- Chemical Engineering Material and Energy Balances 

155:208- Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I 

155:210- Biological Foundations of Chemical Engineering 

155:303/304- Transport Phenomena in Chemical Engineering I/II 

155:307- Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering 

155:309- Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II 

155:324- Design of Separation Processes 

155:341- Chemical Engineering Kinetics 

155:415/416- Process Engineering Lab I/II 

155:422- Process Control 

155:428- Chemical Engineering Design 

160:128- Chemistry of Life 

160:159/160- General Chemistry for Engineers I/II 

160:160/161- General Chemistry I/II 

160:165/166- Extended General Chemistry I/II 

160:307- Organic Chemistry I 

160:308- Organic Chemistry II 

192:380- Public Speaking 

198:111- Introduction to Computer Science 

198:112- Data Structures 

220:103- Introduction to Macroeconomics 

220:301- Money, Banking and the Financial System 

220:320- Intermediate Microeconomics 

322:312- Discrete Math 

332:346- Digital Signal Processing 

440:115- DELLC Introduction to Engineering 

440:127- Introduction to Computers for Engineers 

440:221- Engineering Mechanics 

447:356- Evolutionary Medicine 

447:390- General Microbiology Lab 

450:101- Earth Systems 

460:305- Evolution and Geological Time 

540:210- Engineering Probability 

540:320- Engineering Statistics 

540:343- Engineering Economics 

550:133- Architectural Design 

615:391- Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism 

615:451- Phonetics 

640:103- Topics in Math for Liberal Arts 

640:104- Introduction to Probability 

640:106- Math of Money 

640:115- Precalculus College Math 

640:123- Preparation for Calculus 

640:151- Calculus for Math and Sciences I 

640:152- Calculus for Math and Sciences II 

640:250- Introduction to Linear Algebra 

640:300- Introduction to Math Reasoning 

680:101- Living in the Microbial World 

680:390- General Microbiology 

750:115/116- Extended Analytical Physics 

750:123- Analytical Physics IA 

750:124- Analytical Physics IB 

750:161- Elements of Physics 

750:193/194 - Physics for the Sciences 

750:201/202- Extended General Physics 

750:203- General Physics I 

750:204- General Physics II 

750:205- General Physics Lab I 

750:206- General Physics Lab II 

750:227- Analytical Physics IIA 

750:228- Analytical Physics IIB 

750:229- Analytical Physics Lab 

750:230- Analytical Physics Lab 

750:323- Advanced General Physics 

790:103- Introduction to Comparative Politics 

790:300- Introduction to Political Science Research Methods 

830:340- Abnormal Psychology