Learning Assistant Program

LA Program Overview

This innovative program engages undergraduates in classroom teaching and learning while helping them develop their teaching, leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. At Rutgers-New Brunswick, the LA Program is a partnership between the Learning Centers and several academic departments. The program follows an internationally recognized model developed at the University of Colorado and is a member of the International Learning Assistant Alliance

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the role of a Learning Assistant?
    • Assist in the classroom through various means: facilitating discussions and workshops during lectures, team-teaching recitation or laboratory sections with a graduate teaching assistant, or independently leading supplemental study groups or recitations.
    • LAs lead and facilitate discussion with small groups of students in lectures, recitations, labs, or study group sessions and are assigned to about 160 minutes of contact time with students each week during the semester (exact time may vary based on assignment). 
    Is this a paid position?
    • Yes, Learning Assistants (LAs) are student employees of Rutgers University and are paid on average $1500 per semester. 
    Do LAs receive training or professional development?
    • LAs must co-enroll in a 3-credit, 300-level pedagogy course (Pedagogy of Peer-Led Instruction) only during their first semester as an LA
      • In the pedagogy course, LAs are trained to facilitate learning and engage students in scientific discourse, rather than act as experts who have knowledge that needs to be transmitted to the student. Course topics include learning theory, cooperative learning, questioning techniques, and activity design.
    • LAs participate in peer leader trainings through the Learning Centers each semester during their participation with the LA Program, including on-going professional development workshops.
    • LAs receive feedback on their teaching through observations and student surveys to help them improve teaching methods. 
    What other responsibilities do LAs have?
    • LAs must attend weekly staff meetings led by faculty teaching the course.
    • LAs may participate in assessment activities for the LA Program, helping to collect or provide data to help improve or develop the LA Program and academic support services at Rutgers.
    What are the benefits of becoming a Learning Assistant?
    • Participation in the program helps LAs develop communication and group facilitation skills.
    • LAs will have a unique opportunity to work closely with faculty and staff in their fields. 
    • LAs will have a unique opportunity to meet and work with other students, and to help other students succeed in their courses.
    • There are also various campus opportunities to become involved in the university learning community through participation in the LA Program.
    Who can be a Learning Assistant?

    Candidates should be in good academic standing, and have successfully completed the course for which they will serve as a Learning Assistant. The ability to work with small groups and good administrative skills are required.

    What courses are available?

    A list of current courses we are partnering with is listed on the Student Application Page.

    Where can I find more information about other Learning Assistant Programs?


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    Contact Us 

    For more information email the LA Program at: learningassistants@echo.rutgers.edu

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