Academic Coaching

Schedule an Academic Coaching Appointment:

You will need to connect to your Penji account to access our services; this is how you will find and schedule Learning Center services online. Log in to Penji using your NetID and password. You can download Penji on iOS and Android to use on your mobile phone, or use the web version to access these services. 

Once you activate your account, you will see a list of communities. Each community is a different service available to you. You can join as many communities as are available and find tutoring, academic coaching, writing support, and study groups there.  All Learning Center services have "LC" in front of their names and are free and available to all RU-NB students. Please see the instructions below for how to connect with each service using our new platform.

  • Sign in to Penji and navigate to the LC Academic Coaching community, then choose the topic or coach you want and make an appointment. You will be able to access the appointment link directly from the Penji app and website.

If you have any questions about our program, please contact If you prefer to schedule by phone, please call (848) 445-0986.


Academic coaching is a comprehensive service for students who want to improve their academic and self-management skills, such as time management, organization and study skills. The Learning Centers offer this support to help students achieve their academic goals along with self-advocacy and independent, life-long learning. The content and structure of each individual coaching session is determined collaboratively by the student and the coach to identify the student's unique learning strengths, develop individual plans for academic support, and promote self-confidence and independence. Any student enrolled at Rutgers University is eligible to participate in this program. All sessions are conducted by appointment or during open office hours and are confidential. Academic coaches will meet one-on-one to help you:

  • conquer procrastination.
  • prepare for exams.
  • get organized.
  • study more effectively.
  • read more effectively.
  • and more!

Visit our Academic Coaching Blog for study tips, time management strategies, and more!

Who should use Academic Coaching?

This program is designed to benefit any student at any point in college. Academic coaches can help first-year students to learn how to use a syllabus effectively and they can help seniors to manage their schedules to accommodate classes, internships, interviews and job fairs. They are here to coach students through the obstacles that arise at any point in an academic career and to help students create positive, effective habits that lead to academic and professional success.

Academic Success Workshops

Academic coaches also present academic workshops for groups. You can choose from our current offering of workshops, or partner with our coaches to design a new workshop specifically suited to your group.

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What Students Have Said about Academic Coaching

  • My academic coach “helped me to structure a way to succeed.”
  • My academic coach “is really nice and knows what he is talking about.  He has helped me a lot. I’m doing better this semester!”
  • My academic coach “got me on track with my academic life and set me up for future success by helping me pick up good study habits.”

Online Learning Modules

We are also offering online, asynchronous learning modules that can be accessed through Canvas. A list of current modules and those in development is included below: