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The beginning of the semester can be an overwhelming time. In the first few weeks you may still be sorting out your schedule, figuring out how to get to classes, trying to commit your schedule to memory, or looking for time for a lunch break on that packed Tuesday with five classes. So here are a few tips to start your semester off successfully. To prepare for your classes
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I hope you’re excited about all of the potential that a new semester holds! It’s a hopeful, exciting time; but if you’re like me and many other college students, you’re also still wondering how you made it through finals in May and you may be a little anxious about the challenges of this upcoming semester. That’s where we come in! Many students enjoy the first week or two of the semester and spend a lot of time catching up with friends and soaking up the last few weeks of summer weather. This is a great way to stay motivated and find balance in your school year, but be careful not to squander a great opportunity! In the first week or two, you should be planning out the whole semester. You... Continued
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Many students are intimidated to visit their professor during office hours for a variety of reasons. Rutgers professors are very accomplished, having doctoral research and extensive understanding of the subject matter you are trying to learn. It might make some students feel like their potential questions are too simple or basic for a professor to waste their time on. The truth is that Rutgers professors are more than happy to help. They want you to learn and succeed. The really good news is if you go into their office hours with a plan and follow these simple steps you will get a rewarding experience. First, when you attend your professor’s office hours always introduce yourself, stating... Continued
Hello RU Students and welcome to our new blog!  The Rutgers Learning Centers (RLCs) are excited to share some of our academic success tips with you. This site will contain tips from our academic coaches, the people you can turn to when you want to learn more about how you can succeed in your academic and professional lives. We’ll be sharing some of our secrets to managing time, studying more effectively, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. If you are a Rutgers University student and want to learn more about a topic that we post – or more about how to succeed in your courses – please call the Rutgers Learning Centers at (848) 445-0986... Continued