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Graduate school brings its own set of challenges to which graduate students have to adapt.  Poor time management for graduate students can lead to chronic procrastination, feelings of incompetence, a sense of isolation, as well as the feeling that there is no end in sight. Some common challenges grad students deal with include unpredictability and interruptions, large and open-ended tasks, balancing work and home/personal life, and motivational barriers. Despite these challenges, you can make the seemingly unmanageable graduate student lifestyle into something far less stressful.             Planning for unexpected changes and distractions from the outset and setting expectations and... Continued
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Choosing a major plays a critical role in your academic and career paths. Many students feel pressured into selecting a major and then feel trapped when they decide they would like to change it. One option that you have in determining your educational experience is to switch your major. When I was a sophomore at Rutgers, I changed my original major from Marine Science to Biological Sciences. As a first-year student, I discovered that I did not enjoy the marine science program as much as I had thought I would. After meeting with an undergraduate advisor in the Biology Department, I realized that the Biological Sciences major fit me better as a student and provided me with a better foundation... Continued
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When attending a university like Rutgers where large classes are common, students can find themselves confused by the lecture material or unable to grasp difficult concepts while studying on their own. In order to face these issues when they arise, talking with classmates and establishing study groups or study partners can be the difference that takes you from a C to an A. Creating study groups or collaborating with a study partner helps in the long-term because both bolster the support given by the TA or lecturer, while also providing a back-up when a faculty member is not available. Have you ever walked into a lecture and realized that you don’t know anyone else in the classroom? Your... Continued
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The process of applying to any graduate school is long, tedious, and stressful. Because I have gone through the process of applying to both medical schools and graduate schools, I felt it could be helpful for me to share advice I have either received or found out on my own in regards to what to do and what to avoid. From this point on, I will be sharing my personal experience with applying to medical school.  However, many of the tips I will cover are applicable for applying to graduate schools in general. In this post, I will not be going into a specific, detailed plan of what you should be doing each semester or each summer of your college career. However, to give you a general idea, I... Continued
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As the spring semester has come to an end, you welcome the summertime with open arms. With countless hours spent towards classes, assignments, and studying for exams, it is truly time to take a break. While this is much needed, you also need to remember that completely disregarding the routine that keeps you productive can be detrimental. Over the past academic year, you learned new ideas, further developed skills, and came to know more about your interests. What will you do to pursue these and continue growing as an individual? We have a few ideas that will help you stay on track and make the most out of your summer. First and foremost, maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is something that... Continued