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5 Social Media Tips For Students Many students today have some sort of social media account, whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. Social media can be a great way to connect with people and the world but did you know it could have a negative effect on you when you are applying for a position at a company or graduate school? Most hiring managers are not looking for negatives when they search for you. They are looking for supporting information to see if you are a good fit for their company. However, sometimes they come across things that would turn them away. So here are 5 things for you to keep in mind next time you are updating your social media.  ... Continued
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Five Tips for Living a Healthier Student Lifestyle Living a healthier lifestyle can be difficult, especially when you have so many obligations to worry about such as class, homework, club meetings, work, family, and friends. Making your health a priority is so important, though, especially because a healthy lifestyle can help you succeed academically. It might seem overwhelming at first, but implementing a few of the following methods each week can help you feel better live healthier.   1. Exercise Everyone knows that physical activity is important for a healthy body, but did you also know that it helps brain function? Exercise can be as simple as... Continued
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5 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe about Your Professors 1. They don’t want to talk to me/ They are too busy to help me. 2. They want me to do poorly on the exams. 3. They will test to see if I’m smart enough to talk to them by asking me hard questions. 4. They won’t give me points back ever. 5. If they don’t email me back immediately it’s something personal.   Myth 1: Professors don’t want to talk to me” or “Professors are too busy to help me” Truth 1A: Professors get just as much out of conversations with you as you do. One of the ways that people learn is through collaborating, conversing, and interacting with other people. When instructors... Continued
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Tools & Applications to Boost Your Productivity The day-to-day life of a college student is filled with a variety of tasks to be completed – from homework and studying for tomorrow’s quiz, to conducting research for your project proposal. Thankfully, there are wonderful programs and applications that you can employ, using the power of technology to stay organized and work effectively with ease. As Rutgers students, you already have access to a few powerful tools through your university Google accounts (i.e. Google Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc.), but here are a few other options that are free and readily available:   To manage your time wisely... Continued
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Now here are some tips for how to speak up in discussions. Did you know a lot of a discussion is getting people on the same page? Often the bulk of an interaction in class is helping people align themselves with the topic at hand and arrive at a point where they can move forward together. Not everything that is said has to be new; clarifying and defining questions are essential to getting on the same page. If you find yourself confused, try asking “Could someone please summarize where we are right now? I do not think I am following.” Your opinion is enough. You do not need to have a controversial opinion either. I disagree, or I agree with so-and-so is worth sharing and... Continued