Using a Thesaurus to Spice up or Variegate or Diversify your Writing

Two Students

Whenever you’re writing a paper, in addition to having all your library research, PDFs, and word documents open on your computer, it’s also a good idea to have a dictionary and a thesaurus open in a separate webpage.  I prefer using Google and because they tend to work most efficiently for me, but most online dictionaries will also suffice.  Or serve.  Or suit.  Many a research quote begins something like, “The author says…”  Why not use “states”?  Or “claims”?  Or “expresses”?  There are so many words with which we can color our writing – take advantage of them!  While remaining concise is important, using synonyms allows you to avoid needless repetition in your writing.  But be sure to use a thesaurus carefully (or attentively or thoughtfully) because certain synonyms might not fit the context of your paper – which is why, right next to your thesaurus tab, you should also have a dictionary tab open.  While a thesaurus can give you a list of words that all have roughly the same meaning, it can’t give you the individual connotation of each word.  Make sure to choose words that not only add variety to your writing but are also appropriate for your content.Or subject. Or text.