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Do your eyes feel tired? Do they feel dry? Have you struggled to keep your eyes open during online courses? In our current situation (history in the making), screen fatigue is a side effect to our remote learning environment. While we used to take pleasure in binge-watching our favorite shows on TV or scrolling endlessly through social media, we now attend synchronous courses and complete all asynchronous assignments on our…

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  1. Use google calendar to keep track of your meeting times
  • If your courses are using webex, you will receive a link to use for each of your meetings.
  • To keep track of these links, try making an event for when you have to attend class, a tutoring session, etc. and pasting the link under the description of the…

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  • Do some detective work on your exam. Here are some questions to consider:
    • Do I have to take this test at a certain date and time, or can I do it whenever I want within a time frame? Do NOT assume that just because your test is online that it is asynchronous.

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Among the challenges of transitioning to online learning, one that comes up frequently in my coaching conversations with students is getting (and staying) focused in the physical space where we now have to work and live.

Just a short time ago you had many choices for places to study – a table or nook in a library, an empty classroom, a corner of a student center, a wide windowsill in one of the older buildings, a sunny spot on the…

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When discussions become online discussion boards

There you were, in your small discussion-based class or recitation section, sitting with fellow students in a classroom each week. You were bringing up questions, discussing and working through problems, debating opposing views on a topic – in short, exchanging ideas in any way that suits your course. Whether you…