Peer Coaching

The Learning Centers partner with Penji to provide a simple mobile experience for connecting with coaches. Download Penji on iOS and Android to use on your mobile phone, or use the web version. Create an account using your email to get started.

To register for peer coaching, sign into Penji and join the community titled "LC Academic Coaching." Then, click on "Join a peer coaching group session" and select the peer coach you'd like to work with. You can then see the weekly availability.

If you have any questions about our program, please contact Lucille Leung at If you prefer to schedule by phone, please call (848) 445-0986.

Our Peer Coaching sessions are open to all students.

Learn new study strategies, develop your time management with your peers, and enjoy facilitated small groups (capped at 6 students per session) and individualized attention to become a more effective student and learner.