Online Learning Modules

The Learning Centers' Academic Coaching program offers a number of online learning modules on Canvas that can be completed asynchronously on your own time. Please check this page for updates and new modules available.

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How to succeed in online courses:

No matter your level of experience in online learning, this module will provide resources to help you succeed in online courses. Many courses have online sections, and some are online only. Every student can benefit from a basic understanding of how to navigate online learning.

Keep this in mind: Your goals as a student, and the goals your professors have for you, remain the same whether you learn in person or online. What differs is how you pursue and attain those goals. This module is designed to help you make choices that function well in the online environment and contribute to your successful learning.

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Time management:

This course provides an opportunity to reflect on how you manage time, consider how you want to change your habits, and learn strategies that can increase your effectiveness. You will learn more about the psychology why we make certain choices with how we manage our time, and be introduced to a series of activities and learning resources. With what you discover, you will be able to create a more productive schedule and task plan.  

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Academic Integrity:

This course introduces you to what academic integrity is, why it is important for your learning and success, and how to maintain it. It includes strategies and resources for managing the performance, time, or peer pressures you may encounter as you learn.

Completing this course will help you understand how Rutgers University supports academic integrity through resources, rules, and systems. Rutgers students agree to follow these rules as part of a community of integrity. Your commitment to academic integrity will ensure you have the best opportunity for success in college.

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Coming soon:

  • Note taking
  • Study strategies
  • Metacognition