Online Services

The University will be offering both in-person and remote services for Fall 2021. During this time, the Learning Centers will be using Penji to connect students to services.

Our staff remain dedicated to students' success and are still here to support you. Please do not hesitate to call (848) 932-0561 or send an email using our contact form. You may also reach us at the Learning Center Help Desk via Webex 10am-7pm on weekdays during the semester.

We have created a self-paced learning module called How to Succeed in Online Courses to help you learn effectively in the virtual classroom environment and earn your online learning badge.

Follow the steps below to connect with tutoring, academic coaching, writing coaching, workshops, and study groups.

Step 1 - Set up your Penji account to access our services.

You will need to create a Penji account to access our services; this is how you will find and schedule Learning Center services online. Create an account using your email to get started. You can view our introductory video for instructions on how to set up an account. Then, download Penji on iOS and Android to use on your mobile phone, or use the web version to access these services. 

Once you create your account, you will see a list of communities. Each community is a different service available to you. You can join as many communities as are available and find tutoring, academic coaching, writing support, and study groups there.  All Learning Center services have "LC" in front of their names and are free and available to all RU-NB students. Please see the instructions below for how to connect with each service using our new platform. 

Step 2 - Create your Rutgers Zoom account. (Optional, but highly recommended)

Penji is linked to Zoom, so you will use Penji for scheduling services and then connect on Zoom, using the meeting features that are already familiar to you. If you have not done so already, it is best to create a Rutgers Zoom account to make sure you can easily access meetings held via Zoom and help us maintain a secure online environment. As programs and courses across the University use Zoom more frequently, it's best to do this to ensure you don't have any connection problems.

Step 3 - Connect with our services.

You will need a tablet or computer, preferably with a microphone and camera.

  • Tutoring: Navigate to the LC Tutoring community and add your courses. You will only need to add courses once per semester and after that, when you sign in your courses will automatically appear. Just click on a course and find the times when tutoring is available and then join a session when it is live. There is no registration needed.
  • Academic Coaching & Writing Coaching: Sign in to Penji and navigate to the LC Academic Coaching or LC Writing Coaching community, then choose the topic or coach you want and make an appointment. You will be able to access the appointment link directly from the Penji app and website.
  • Workshops: Workshops are being offered through Zoom. You can register for a workshop here and you will be sent a Zoom link through email.

Additional Online Resources

We are also offering online, asynchronous learning modules and instructional videos. Videos can be accessed on our YouTube channel and learning modules can be accessed through Canvas. A list of current modules and those in development is included below:

For faculty working with our LA Program, please see the recommendations in the attachment below.