Lead Coach Presents NCLCA Webinar

Nora Devlin

On March 24, 2017 Nora Devlin, Lead Academic Coach at the Learning Centers will be delivering a webinar as part of the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA) webinar series (click here to sign up: https://nclca.wildapricot.org/webinars). The webinar is titled “Coaching is for Everyone: Coaching Theory Across Support Programs” and will serve as an introduction to coaching theory for student support professionals. In each of the two interactive sessions, Nora will give attendees an opportunity to apply, analyze, and evaluate coaching theory in a variety of common situations in the context of support programs. In the webinar, Nora will also analyze other common frameworks used in student support programs and contrast their outcomes (Robinson, 2015).

According to Ms. Devlin “Coaching theory is a multidisciplinary framework that can be applied in virtually any support program to the benefit of the practitioners and the students alike.” One of the temptations for any support professional is to fall into the trap of giving the same advice over and over. Such an approach is not supported by evidence and can cause many more problems than it solves by ignoring the autonomy of the individual student and what each student brings into a support program. Coaching theory is rooted in the principles that the coachee is resourceful and the coach develops this resourcefulness through skillful questioning, challenge, and support (Rogers, 2008). Using coaching theory, students and staff alike can participate in conversations that recognize their autonomy, self-knowledge, and resourcefulness in a way that helps students develop their own goals and plans for achieving them.

Ms. Devlin is an associate certified coach through the International Coach Federation and recently earned her Master’s in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education from Rutgers Graduate School of Education. Nora has been working as an academic coach in the Learning Centers for over three years, racking up hundreds of hours coaching undergraduate and graduate students across schools and departments.


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