Rutgers Hosts the 2017 Spring Regional LA Workshop

Staff at 2017 Spring Regional LA Workshop

The Rutgers Learning Centers hosted the Spring 2017 Mid-Atlantic Regional LA Workshop on April 7th and 8th. During this two-day workshop, faculty and staff from 8 different institutions participated in group sessions and discussions focusing on the Learning Assistant (LA) Program. Some of the session topics included starting an LA Program, the essential elements of the LA Program, how to utilize LAs, the pedagogy course taken by LAs, peer leader training, and measuring student outcomes.          

Some participants observed an LA in an Organic Chemistry recitation or an Organic Chemistry study group leader facilitating a study group session. Others learned about the Active Learning Community at Rutgers or observed a portion of the spring pedagogy course.

At the end of the first day, Dr. Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui, the Vice Chancellor of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, and Dr. Ronald Ransome, Dean of Math and Physical Science at the School of Arts and Sciences, welcomed everyone to the campus and spoke of the numerous collaborations and influences occurring at Rutgers that have been brought on by the LA Program. 

Participants also had the chance to listen and ask questions to a few panels related to the LA Program throughout the workshop. One panel involved Rutgers faculty and LAs who worked together in recitation or lecture and each spoke about their content prep meetings and the positive impact of having LAs in the classroom.


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Another panel consisted of current LAs from multiple disciplines who talked about their experiences, as well as providing advice to faculty and schools who are interested in beginning their own LA Program.

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Rutgers faculty members who work with LAs sat on a different panel to share their insights about the partnership between instructors and LAs.

The Learning Centers would like to thank the LA Advisory Board members and LAgents for their support and facilitation of the workshop, as well as their participation:

LA Advisory Board

  • Dr. Waheed Bajwa
  • Stacey Blackwell
  • Dr. Helen Buettner
  • Dr. Jolie Cizewski
  • Dr. Mary Emenike (also an LAgent)
  • Dr. Justin Kalef
  • Dr. Juan Pablo Majia-Ramos
  • Dr. Kyle Murphy
  • Dr. Alice Seneres


  • Dr. Mary Nelson (George Mason University)
  • Dr. Chandra Turpen (University of Maryland)

More details about the 2017 Regional LA Workshop can be seen at