LA Takes on Rutgers School of Nursing

Image of Qiuhua Wu at LA Poster Session

Academics and Motivation:

Qiuhua is a valued part of the Rutgers Learning Assistant Program, for which she leads study groups for Chemistry of Life as a Learning Assistant. She has been newly admitted to the Rutgers School of Nursing in New Brunswick and will complete her degree in 2020. Additionally, she is minoring in Business Administration. Qiuhua was inspired to become a nurse due to her grandfather’s heart complications. He lived in China, where valve replacement surgery is uncommon. In contrast, American doctors frequently perform valve replacement surgery. As a result, her grandfather was forced to wait five months to find a doctor in China who could perform this surgery. Qiuhua aims to incorporate her Business Administration experience into her nursing experience to introduce progressive healthcare to countries like China. She is motivated to reform and advance China’s medical technology so that others do not have the same frustrating and saddening experience as her grandfather.


                As an international student, Qiuhua has faced challenges as a student whose first language is not English. However, that did not stop her from getting involved at Rutgers. She successfully became a Learning Assistant for Chemistry of Life. This allowed her to practice her English while spreading her knowledge with her peers. She was also a part of the Global Roommate Program, a Rutgers program that partners international students with differing cultures together. After her enjoyment in the Global Roommate Program, Quihua became a mentor. Mentors live with mentees in on-campus apartments to help them adjust to Rutgers and life in the United States. This provided another channel through which she could refine her English skills and connect with various types of students while learning about their cultures.

Advice for Future Nursing Students:

                As Quihua puts it best, “Try your best and the outcome will surprise you!”

By Ena Vujic, Intern for the Learning Assistant Program