LA Program Intern Accepted to Pharmacy School

Image of Ena Vujic (LA intern for Spring 2018)

Meet Ena Vujic! Graduating this semester with a B.A. in Biology, Ena worked at the Learning Centers as the Learning Assistant Program Intern for the Spring 2018 semester. She transferred to Rutgers in the Fall 2016 after obtaining her Associate’s degree in Biology to continue pursuing biology and became most interested in biochemistry and health science, as well as developing a fascination for medicine and concern for patient safety. With her interests in mind, newfound ambition, and after hours of studying, volunteer work, and dedication, Ena applied to pharmacy school and was accepted into Rutgers’ Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, where she will begin next fall.

Rutgers pushed Ena academically to become the best version of herself, leading her to make the Dean’s List for the past two semesters. She contributes much of her success to her dedicated professors and the numerous resources that Rutgers offers for student learning. Her passion for peer learning grew during her time here, so she decided to pursue an internship for the Learning Assistant Program. She shares, “I had many valuable experiences as an intern, such as learning effective communication, time management, and project-planning skills. It was empowering to be a part of a Rutgers organization. Also, I have always wanted to be involved in education and I believe my time as an intern will be helpful when I reach that point in my career.”

Ena is a true believer in the importance of keeping life well-rounded. She explains, “Adult life can be hectic and it can be tough to learn how to balance everything. That being said, I ensure that I make time for my friends and my hobbies, like hiking, reading, and spending time with my pets.”

Her advice to anyone interested in pharmacy: “Really think about what you can do to show your interest in pharmacy. Once I decided on pharmacy, everything I had to do afterwards seemed intimidating: take (and ace!) the PCAT, find the right organizations to join to show my interest in healthcare, and maintain high grades. It became less daunting when I realized that each of these requirements would only showcase my drive, so I focused my energy into giving each of them my all. But above all, make sure to have some time for yourself and stay balanced.”