Extra tips for taking an online course

student at chalkboard
  1. Use google calendar to keep track of your meeting times
  • If your courses are using webex, you will receive a link to use for each of your meetings.
  • To keep track of these links, try making an event for when you have to attend class, a tutoring session, etc. and pasting the link under the description of the event. This will keep you organized.
  • You can also send reminders to yourself for each of these “events” ensuring that you show up to class on time.

For more on using a google calendar for a class schedule, visit https://scholarlyoa.com/more-on-using-google-calendar-for-a-class-schedule/

  1. Be mindful of online etiquette
  • If you are able, wear headphones to limit feedback and to help eliminate outside noise for your learning experience.
  • Use the mute button when typing, eating (if you must), etc. as to avoid unnecessary noise for your classmates.
  • Try to be in a well lit area if you are video-conferencing.
  • If you are meeting one-on-one with a professor or another student, try to have a professional background and limit other people from coming in and out of your webcam view.

Visit this website for tips on video conference calling: https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/19/21185472/video-confere-call-tips-zoom-skype-hangouts-facetime-remote-work

  1. Make a schedule and adhere to it
  • You can make a daily goals sheet and allot time for each goal.
  • You can also make an hourly schedule for each day, allotting time to do assignments, attend lecture, study, etc.

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Melissa Snow, Academic Coach, Spring 2020