The MSLC is a unique and heavily utilized resource for students and faculty in the sciences. The Busch MSLC center alone averages  ~84,000 RU student visits per academic year. We are committed to providing academic support for faculty and students in their math and science courses and to offering outreach programs for K-12 students. MSLC is home to over 40 hands-on interdisciplinary science demonstrations and activities in addition to a wealth of comfortable collaboration and study space.  

 The MSLC offers:

  • Expertise, facilities and space for the development of novel courses.
  • Review sessions and instructor office hours.
  • A Reserve desk (course text books, microscope slides, videotapes, small experiemnts, etc.)
  • A Biology Study Room with microscopes and models.
  • A public computer lab.
  • Study Groups.
  • Tutoring in intro mathematics and physics courses.
  • Quiet places to study.