Meet 2013-2014 Learning Assistants


Simran Chhabra

Simran is majoring in cell biology and neuroscience and minoring in economics and psychology.  She joined the LA Program in fall 2013 and has been promoted to a lead learning assistant position for the 2014-2015 academic year for the general chemistry (01:160:161/2) courses. Simran also lead a FIGS course for Exploring Careers in the Sciences. Read Simran's spotlight article.

William Feng

Will is a nutritional sciences and public health double major (anticipated May 2014). He is currently serving as an organic chemistry learning assistant for a second consecutive year. His academic accomplishments include never missing a Dean’s List and being awarded the 2012 Rutgers Academic Excellence Award and the 2013 Phi Tau Phi East America Scholarship Award. In addition to his scholastic endeavors, he is also studying the cancer preventative effects of tocopherols (vitamin E) in the laboratory of Dr. C.S Yang in the Department of Chemical Biology. He is currently managing his own project, which focuses on determining the bioavailability of tocopherols in CYP1A-humanized mice following dietary supplementation over prolonged periods of time.

Ashley Woolfork

Ashley Woolfork is a third year student at Rutgers University. This is her first year with the LA Program leading general chemistry (01:160:161) study groups. She is currently majoring in Chemistry and is a proud member of the American Chemical Society. After becoming a member of Chi Alpha Epslion National Honors Society last semester, she had the honor of being a teaching fellow for general chemistry with Dr. Asbed Vassilian and Dr. Manese Rabeony through the SEBS OSP/EOF Program. She is currently the president of the student organization C.O.S.I.N.E. (Community of Students Involved “N” Education), which promotes the mission of encouraging student involvement in higher education by endorsing participation in programs designed to facilitate the goals and objectives of the EOF state program. Along with the LA Program, ODASIS and LSAMP are currently providing reinforcement in her journey to become a high school chemistry teacher.


David Caronia

David is majoring in civil engineering (anticipated: May 2014) and will be continuing this year with the LA Program for a third year. During his first two years, David helped facilitate recitations, and led study groups, in extended analytical physics IA and IB (01:750:115/6) courses. This semester he is coordinating our efforts to introduce learning assistants into the Statics course. Read David's spotlight article.

Wilai Kosol

Wilai Kosol is majoring in Biomedical Engineering (BME) with a concentration in Tissue Engineering. She was accepted into the School of Engineering's 5-year BME BS/MS Program, with an expected graduation date of spring 2015. Wilai is a learning assistant for the Introduction to Computing for Engineers (aka MATLAB; 14:440:127) course. Read Wilai's spotlight article and her testimonial about participating in undergraduate research.

Mark Zoppina

Mark Zoppina is majoring in electrical and computer engineering. He will graduate with hs BS degree in May 2014. Mark joined the LA Program in fall 2012, and he is currently participating for his fourth semester as a learning assistant for the Introduction to Computers for Engineers (a.k.a., MATLAB; 14:440:127) course. As an LA for this course, Mark has helped his peers learn the software program MATLAB in recitations and as a study group leader. Read Mark's spotlight article.


Michael DiBuono

Michael DiBuono is majoring in mechanical and aerospace engineering, minoring in mathematics, and concentrating in aerospace engineering. This is his second year with the LA Program; in addition to the analytical physics IA and IB (01:750:123/4) courses, he is also helping to introduce learning assistants in the enginering mechanics (aka statics; 14:440:221) course. Michael has earned Dean's List honors in his previously two semesters and is currently on track to graduate with high honors. Michael worked with Trenton Downtown Association during last summer in a municipal engineering internship. He will work with Lockheed Martin in the upcoming summer in an aerospace engineering internship. In his upcoming internship, he will be analyzing data on different aircrafts in hopes of optimizing the performance of these planes. Read Mike's spotlight article.

Bruno Janota

Bruno is majoring in mechanical engineering (anticipated: May 2014).  He is participating as a learning assistant for his third year; in addition to his assignments in extended analytical physics IA and IB (01:750:115/6) coures, he also is leading study groups for analytical physics IIA (01:750:227) in the fall semester. Bruno has been a student research with the ARESTY Program since fall 2012 working on the Flapping Robots and Flying Insects Project and has been a student researcher in the Mechanical and Chemical Engineering Department working on Pyro-E: Waste Heat Harvesting. Read Bruno's spotlight article.

Divyagash Swargaloganathan

Divy is marjoing in Biomedical Engineering (anticipated graduation May 2014). Divy joined the LA Program in fall 2011 as a sophomore. He is currently participating in his third year as a learning assistant for the analytical physics IA and 1B course (01:750:123 & 124). Read Divy's spotlight article.