Apply to the LA Program

Undergraduate Positions

Click here for applications for the 2017-2018 academic year!

Applications will then be accepted on a rolling basis until April 17th.

Application Forms

  • First-year Learning assistant application form:
    • Applications for the LA Program and study group leader program close at the beginning of May.
  • Returning learning assistant application form:
    • Applications for the LA Program and study group leader program close at the end of April.
  • Chemical Engineering graduate student application form:
    • Will be available in summer 2017: All first year and returning graduate learning assistant positions

Group Interviews

Applicants who advance to the interview stage will be notified via email. These applicants will be added to a Sakai site to facilitate signing up for a group interview. Each applicant must sign up for one group interview or notify the Program Director that all interviews conflict with his or her schedule. Sign up occurs on a first-come-first-serve basis and closes 24 hours before the session starts. Each interview session must have at least 3 applicants sign up (or it will be canceled) and is limited to 16 applicants.

UPDATE: At this time a few course instructors have requested to individually interview applicants who advance from the group interview stage and are eligible and interested in working in their courses. Applicants will be notified via email if they need to participate in an individual interview with a course instructor.


All applicants eligible for learning assistant positions will be informed of their application status via email by June 1, 2017. All applicants eligible for study group leader positions will be informd of their application status via email by June 1, 2017. If you applied online for either of these positions and have not receive an email by these respective times, please contact the STEM Support Program Staff at

Type of Offer

Applicants can expect to receive one of three types of offers.

  • Standard: Offered to applicants who have already completed the course(s) to which they will be assigned.
  • Conditional: Offered to applicants who are currently enrolled in the course (or in the second semester of a two-semester course) to which they will be assigned. These positions are offered to the applicant on the condition that he or she earns at least a B+ in the course to which he or she will be assigned in the LA Program.
  • Alternate: Offered to applicants who we want to participate in the program, but for whom we have yet to confirm stipend funding. Our interview and hiring process occurs before we receive information about our budget for the next academic year; alternate positions help us avoid having to rescind positions due to limited funding. If you receive an alternate offer, but do not return the signed hiring contract, we will not know that you are still interest in the program.

Position Duration

Typical LA positions are offered as academic year-long positions (i.e., both fall and spring semesters). By committing to the program, learning assistants are agreeing to participate in the program both semesters, unless otherwise discussed with the Program Director. A learning assistant's position could be terminated or forfeited due failure to comply with LA Program policies or failure to successfully complete all LA Program requirements.

One-semester positions are offered for certain courses only occurring in the fall semester. Extension of a one-semester fall position to the spring semester is contingent upon the LAs job performance, program needs, and availability of funds.

Expected Partnering Courses for 2017-2018 AY

The list of expected partnering courses with the LA Program can be found on our partnering courses webpage.

Expected partnering courses for the Study Group Leader Program

  • General Chemistry 161/162
  • Organic Chemistry 307/308