In-Class Workshops

The Learning Centers offer academic skills for student groups, university organizations, and courses. We can schedule a workshop to take place in a classroom or other academic space on any weekday between the hours of 9:00am – 10:00pm (contingent upon coaches’ availability).  

Upon an instructor’s request, we can provide a workshop in class. The workshop can serve as an excellent supplement to course instruction. We are happy to provide a workshop in class on a day when the instructor must be absent but does not wish to cancel class; we can ensure that the time is utilized to learn skills necessary for completing final projects or for studying effectively for exams. 

We also offer the Academic Success Series each semester. This is a series of six workshops that are open to the RU community and address some of our most popular topics. You can view the Academic Success Series schedule on our calendar. 

Academic Skills Workshops

Academic coaches present academic skills workshops for groups. You can choose from one of the workshop topics below or work with our coaches to design a new workshop specifically suited to your group. We also have several open-enrollment workshops available throughout the year. 

To register for an existing workshop, visit our events page. 

If you are a student and would like to request a workshop for your group, please complete this Student Request Form. 

If you are a faculty or staff member and would like to request a workshop for your students, please complete this Request Support Form. 

For more information about academic skills workshops, please email Lucille Leung or call (848) 932-0570. 

Sample Workshop Topics

  • Breaking the Box: Critical Thinking for College and Beyond – Learn how to think analytically and critically to enhance academic performance and think "outside the box"
  • Communication Skills – Master the “do’s” and “don’ts” of communicating with peers, colleagues, professors, administrative personnel, and employers
  • Focus, Concentrate, and Stay Motivated - Learn how to use strategies for improving focus, concentration and persistence
  • Have Less Stress and More Success – Review strategies for managing academic and non-academic needs to reduce stress
  • How to Succeed in a Lecture Course - Receive strategies for staying focused and taking helpful notes in lecture
  • How to Study for the Sciences - Attend this variation of our Study Smarter, Not Harder workshop that focuses specifically on learning in STEM courses
  • Keep Your Eye on the Syllabi! - Introduces the purpose of a syllabus and how to use it to prepare for your course
  • Master Your Mind: Metacognition - Learn metacognitive strategies to help you plan, monitor, and reflect on your own learning
  • Presentation Skills – Learn how to implement effective public speaking techniques during presentations, as well as how to create powerful visual aids
  • Professionalism – Receive tips and strategies for attire, communication, and behaviors in professional settings
  • Read to Succeed – Practice the use of study methods and techniques to read textbooks more effectively
  • RU A Successful Student? – Review the top 10 characteristics of successful students & how to develop them
  • Study Smarter, Not Harder – Cover several study strategies that activate various types of learning and can be used across a variety of course disciplines
  • Taking Tests at Your Best - Receive strategies for test preparation, as well as test-taking tips to implement during and after the assessment
  • Time Management - Discover how to manage time in order to develop effective study habits and promote personal health