Faculty and Staff Services

The Learning Centers collaborate with faculty, staff, and programs to support academic success and active, collaborative, student-centered learning. Our goal is to develop materials and programs that assist students in meeting course, department, and university learning goals, by enhancing and expanding evidence-based learning opportunities and inclusive practices for students, faculty, and staff. Our services can help you achieve your learning outcomes and improve student success.


Services for Faculty, Staff, and Programs


Refer your students

  • Encourage your students to apply to become one of our Peer Leaders
  • Inform your students about our services by including the following paragraph in your syllabus:
    • Rutgers is committed to your success, and offers free academic services to all students. The Learning Centers provide tutoring, study groups, and review sessions for your courses. They also host workshops and provide individual academic coaching to help you further develop your study strategies and self management skills. To learn more about how the LCs can help you succeed, visit rlc.rutgers.edu.