For Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Learning Center staff collaborate with faculty and staff in coordinating and providing instructional support to students.

The LCs support faculty members by:

The LCs  support Rutgers programs, offices, and organizations by:

Through collaboration, we can help you to expand the services you already offer to students and get the most out of your existing programs. Our goal is to collaborate with departments to develop materials and programs that assist students in meeting course, department, and university learning goals, and to enhance and expand collaborative and active learning opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. We see the Learning Centers as exactly that - centers of learning - where students, faculty, and staff members can collaborate to ensure that students receive the support they need and have the opportunity to succeed.

Faculty and staff often refer their students to become:

  • academic coaches
  • learning assistants
  • peer tutors
  • study group leaders
  • writing coaches

Our academic coaches offer personalized assistance to students who wish to improve their self-management skills, test-preparation strategies, and overall study habits. If you know of a student who could benefit from meeting with one of our coaches, let us know. You may also request a workshop on academic skills by calling 848-445-0986.

The Learning Assistant Program engages undergraduates in classroom teaching and learning while helping our learning assistants (LAs) develop their teaching, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

Our peer tutors have taken your course, mastered the material, and are motivated to share their knowledge in a small group setting with their peers. Let us know if you would like to recommend a student to become a peer tutor.

We welcome your recommendation for study group leaders who we will train, supervise, and pay. Group leaders meet at designated times each week to review course material and facilitate the study sessions. The sessions link course content with cognitive skill development, in an interactive small group environment. Participants are more actively engaged in the course and earn significantly higher average final course grades than if they simply studied alone.

We have writing coaches to work with your students on the conventions of clear, effective English. Our writing program is also open to graduate students. We can help with coordinating the referral of students for writing assistance, and provide you with feedback on their progress.

Students can also directly request an appointment for writing assistance.


“The Rutgers Learning Centers have provided supplemental instructors for my General Psychology course for the past 10 years. These tutors, most of whom have taken the course themselves, have an excellent understanding of the specific content and demands of the course, and therefore, offer highly valuable assistance to students who visit their study sessions.”
-Dr. Gary Brill, Psychology Department

“I have been reading the final thesis for my senior seminar students and I want to thank you and your staff for the work that you did during the term. Most of my students went to you for help and it is clear that their writing improved markedly.”
-Professor, Bloustein School