Training Requirements

Newly hired tutors, writing coaches, study group leaders, and learning assistants of the Learning Centers (defined as peer leaders) are required to attend a 2-day initial training session, focusing on topics of instruction, student learning, and session management. Returning peer leaders are required to attend a 1-day refresher training annually that coincides with the New Peer Leader Training, providing the opportunity for those returning to their roles to connect with and advise new hires.

In addition to initial training, professional development workshops are held each semester, providing peer leaders with the opportunity to further develop their understanding of learning theory and instructional strategies, and place these elements into practice. Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Implementing study strategies
  • Problem solving skills
  • Metacognition
  • Motivation
  • Diversity & cultural sensitivity
  • Student referrals
  • And more…

Learning Center peer leaders are required to attend 2 professional development workshops each semester, ensuring that over time they continue to refine the skills needed to effectively work with their peers.

The Learning Centers also provide personalized trainings for campus partner programs, and welcomes all academic peer leaders of the University to attend semester workshops offered. If you are interested in requesting a training for your department or having your peer leaders attend a semester workshop, please contact Aisha Ciafullo, Developmental Specialist of Training & Professional Development Programs, at for more details.