Peer Leader Training Calendar

May 31
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Learning Centers' peer leaders must attend training and professional development workshops each semester. If you are a peer leader looking for an event to attend, please visit our Peer Leader Training Calendar (Peer Leaders Only). For events open to all Rutgers University students, please visit our list of upcoming events.

November 15
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Participants will learn about principles of valid, reliable, and equitable multiple choice items, critique existing multiple-choice assessments, and construct and/or revise their own multiple choice assessment items. To receive attendance credit, sign in with Aisha Ciafullo upon arrival.

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November 18
Students at laptop.

Peer leaders will learn about the variety of online applications, websites and tools that can be used as supplementary resources when working with students. Resources covered will range from organizational tools to content-based resources.

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November 19
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Peer leaders will review Bloom's taxonomy and its role in study skill development. Peer leaders will consider how study strategies can be integrated into planned questions, tasks and/or activities, providing students with independent learning strategies and content comprehension.

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November 21
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Part 2 follows up by delving deeper into the science of learning to focus on the impact of culture, beliefs, motivations, and mindset to learning. We will also explore the capacity and limitations of memory.

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