Peer Leader Training Calendar

May 31
Hand at chalkboard.

All of our Peer Leaders are required to attend training sessions and professional development workshops each semester. If you are a Peer Leader looking for a list of our trainings and workshops for your position, please visit out list of upcoming Peer Leader events.These events are ONLY for Peer Leaders. For a list of events open to all Rutgers University students,…

March 21
Students attending a workshop.
In this workshop, peer leaders will conduct an exploration of their own verbal behaviors as they interact with their students. Workshop content references from the following article: Kulatunga, U. & Lewis, J. E. (2013) Exploration of peer leader verbal behaviors as they intervene with small groups in college general chemistry, Chem. Educ. Res. Pract., 14, 576-588.

March 27
Student studying notes.

In this workshop, peer leaders will be introduced to three studies that used categorization tasks to study student learning in biology, chemistry, and physics. Participants will brainstorm how the findings of these studies apply to their roles as peer leaders, discuss the connection between categorization tasks and Bloom’s Taxonomy, and develop activities to use with students in a tutoring or study group session.

March 29
Students attending a workshop.

In this workshop session, peer leaders will learn more about signs to be cautious of in students, the variety of counseling resources available on campus that Rutgers students can take advantage of, and how to refer a student to the appropriate services when needed.

This training session is open to any academic peer leader at Rutgers (tutors, study group leaders, peer instructors, learning assistants, etc.).…

March 30
Students at laptop.

In this workshop, peer leaders will learn to effectively and professionally communicate what they do in their positions in a cover letter or personal statement. This workshop will include an introduction to cover letters and personal statements, followed by time to brainstorm relevant experiences, critique example descriptions, and write/revise the peer leader’s own cover letter or personal statement.

Participants must bring an…