Peer Leader Resources

Student staff members can find resources for their specific positions below.

To register for training workshops, visit our Peer Leader Training calendar and use the Student Request form to register for the events you plan to attend.

If you are interested in becoming a peer leader or working in one of our centers, please complete the Employment Form to submit your application.

Learning Assistants

  • Learning assistant time sheet - This form should be used for all LAs to record their hours and submit each week. A Word document version of this form can be found on the LA Program Sakai site.
  • Observation forms - Either the Study Group Observation Form or Lecture/Lab/Recitation Observation Form will be used when you are observed as part of your job evaluation each semester in your lecture, recitaiton, or study group assignment. The observer (LA Program staff, RLC staff, course instructor, or lead LA) is trained to provide feedback on your performance in the following categories: classroom culture, classroom management, and content and instructional methods. The observer will also provide feedback on your general strengths and areas for improvement. You will recieve your feedback approximately one week from the date of the observation from the LA Program Coordinator.
  • Peer observation form - You may use this form if you and your peer decide to provide each other with informal observations. 
  • Study group sign-in log - This form should be used for students to sign-in during study groups. A Word document version of this form can be found on the LA Program Sakai site.
  • By-campus, 80-min timeblock schedule grid for LA availability and planning.
  • Suggested activities to promote active and collaborative learning

Office Assistants & Supervisors

  • OA - Availability Form - (CAC - OAs Only)  this form is given to Office Assistants at the beginning of the semester so they can inform their supervisor of their availability. Forms can be emailed or given to supervisor. 
  • OA - Information Form - (CAC - OAs Only)  this form is also given to Office Assistants and Night Supervisors at the start of each semester so the supervisor can collect their contact information, etc.
  • OA - Time- Off Request Form - (CAC - OAs only) this form is used when Office Assistants need to request time off. Forms should be filled out and given to the supervisor by email or in person. The supervisor will then let you know if you your request has been approved. 
  • OA - Check List - (CAC - OAs Only) - this checklist is provided up at the front desk in the Office Assistant binder, and can be used as a checklist of tasks the OAs and Night Supervisors should complete during their shift.

RLC Tutors

Coming soon!

Writing Coaches

  • Student sign-in form—This form should be used for students to sign-in at the start of their writing coaching session.  Copies of this form are kept in the writing coaching binder at the front desk of each of the Centers.
  • Student Survey Form—At the end of each writing coaching session, students should complete this form and place it in the ballot box labeled “Writing Coaches’ Evaluations.”
  • Thesis statement and topic sentences diagram—You may find this handout useful in assisting students in writing, courtesy of Dr. Peter Sorrell, Writing Program.