Aditya Hublikar, Learning Assistant Accepted to Medical School

Aditya Hublikar

Rutgers Experience and Accomplishments

Currently in his fourth year as a Biomedical Engineering major with a Psychology minor, Aditya Hublikar has had plenty of time to reflect on his experiences at Rutgers University and work on his goal of becoming a physician. He decided to attend Rutgers due to feeling that the school could provide him with the best education as possible, as well as being economically-sound, with resources that any student needs to succeed. By focusing his efforts on studying and getting involved on campus, Aditya earned his induction into two academic honor societies, as well as two honors academies within the School of Engineering. In Fall 2016, he was also one of 24 BME undergraduate students to receive an Aresty Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

Learning Assistant Role

For three years, Aditya has been a Learning Assistant (LA) at the Rutgers Learning Centers for several courses: Analytical Physics IA, MATLAB, Numerical Modeling, and Kinetics & Thermodynamics. He has found the LA Program as both an opportunity to connect with his peers and to learn how to be an effective leader.

“I have learned to be sensitive to and aware of the problems of others, to deal with conflict in a professional manner, and to maintain an environment that fosters positivity and collaboration. The learning assistant program has given me the unique opportunity to change the lives of my students in my own way and help them in their endeavors for academic success. It has been a privilege to work with the wonderful faculty and students, and I have learned a set of skills that I will continue to use throughout my career.”

Medical School Acceptance and Advice

Aditya’s family history of heart disease and diabetes and facing challenges associated with those diseases led to his longtime interest in studying medicine. Motivated to help others enduring the same or similar conditions, he has held various positions within the medical field as an undergraduate. After years of dedication and working diligently, Aditya applied to medical school and has been accepted in several schools. He plans to attend one of these schools when he graduates this spring.

His advice for students interested in applying to medical school: “Get started early – get exposure to the medical profession as soon as possible to see if it is the right path for you, and to show the medical admissions committees that you know exactly what you are getting yourself in to. Work smart, not hard, and always do what you love because all the time and effort you put towards getting into medical school becomes that much easier when you are having fun!”