Portrait of William Feng.
William Feng completed three majors during his four years at Rutgers: Biological Sciences, Nutritional Sciences, and Public Health. During his junior and senior years (2012-2014), Will participated in the Learning Assistant Program and led study groups in organic chemistry I & II (01:160:307 & 01:160:308). Coordinating weekly study group sessions for groups of up to 18 students, Will prepared customized lesson plans, provided students with challenging practice problems, and facilitated group discussion while fostering independent learning and promoting self-study. He also conducted research on campus during the spring of his senior year and completed a co-op over... Continued
Kevin Orbine presenting his research poster at the 2011 Fall LA Poster Session
Kevin Orbine graduated in May 2014 from the School of Engineering, majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Concentration. Kevin was a learning assistant for three years (2011-2014) in the analytical physics IA, IB, and IIA (01:750:123, 124 & 227) courses. In his recitaiton assignments, Kevin helped a graduate teaching assistant facilitate learning during the mini-lab activities. As a study group leader, Kevin designed and led collaborative activities for the 12 students who participated in the 80-minute, weekly study groups. Accomplishments Graduated Summa Cum Laude Boeing Fellow Tau Beta Pi... Continued
Wilai presenting her poster on Engineering Education
Wilai Kosol is majoring in Biomedical Engineering (BME) with a concentration in Tissue Engineering. She was recently accepted into the School of Engineering's 5-year BME BS/MS Program, with an expected graduation date of spring 2015. Wilai was a learning assistant for the Introduction to Computing for Engineers (aka MATLAB; 14:440:127) course during the 2013-2014 academic year. As an LA, she was assigned to help graduate student teaching assistants facilitate learning among students in recitations. In the spring... Continued
students talking
As the spring semester has come to an end, you welcome the summertime with open arms. With countless hours spent towards classes, assignments, and studying for exams, it is truly time to take a break. While this is much needed, you also need to remember that completely disregarding the routine that keeps you productive can be detrimental. Over the past academic year, you learned new ideas, further developed skills, and came to know more about your interests. What will you do to pursue these and continue growing as an individual? We have a few ideas that will help you stay on track and make the most out of your summer. First and foremost, maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is something that... Continued
Photo of Simran explaining her literature research at the fall 2013 poster session.
Simran Chhabra is majoring in cell biology and neuroscience and minoring in economics and psychology. Simran joined the LA Program in fall 2013 and has been promoted to a lead learning assistant position for the 2014-2015 academic year for the general chemistry 161/2 courses. Being a student at Rutgers University and taking the pedagogy course has taught me not only a tremendous amount on being a learner, but also how to engage a group of 12 students in the concepts of General Chemistry. My experience thus far as been a rewarding one in that I have been able to help students with their misunderstandings and misconceptions about chemistry. Combining my... Continued