Online Writing Coaching: Convenient, Easy, & Instructive

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For your convenience, you can now submit your paper online to a writing coach without having to trek to campus. We do ask, however, that you allow for a reasonable lead time when submitting your paper, typically 72 hours, depending on whether you submit your paper during the week or over the weekend. This will allow your writing coach adequate time to read your paper and offer thoughtful comments and suggestions about how you can improve as a writer.            

The process is easy; just follow these four steps:

1) Click on

2) Attach your document

3) Include in your email message any relevant information regarding the assignment:  the prompt, instructor’s comments, or any specific or general questions or concerns you may have about your paper.     

4) Press SEND

Once a writing coach receives your document, he or she will read your paper and complete a Writing Coaching Feedback Guide. Contained within the guide is a rubric that is used to inform the writing process and provide a basis for your writing coach’s comments, which are contained the second part of the guide along with recommendations for additional support.

Your writing coach will then send back your paper with a completed feedback guide, which is meant to help you reflect on your writing, recognize the opportunities for becoming a better writer and be an active participant in your own learning. Learning and writing, after all, are the same process.          

One final note:  Online writing coaching is offered to students enrolled in courses other than those offered through the Writing Program. Students enrolled in Expository Writing or Basic Composition should contact the Writing Centers.