Jihyun (Jenny) Park, Peer Leader

Jenny Park


Jenny typifies the caliber of Rutgers Learning Centers peer leaders:  distinguished academic achievement, enthusiasm for learning, and a deep and abiding commitment to helping her fellow students. As a first-year student, Jenny mentored newly admitted first-year students enrolled in the Educational Opportunity Fund Summer Program and tutored MATLAB.

Now in her fourth year, majoring in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Jenny currently serves as a Learning Assistant to students enrolled in Transport Phenomena I, a course that studies the complexities fluid dynamics. “One of the greatest joys in helping students,” according to Jenny, “is to be a part of their journey and to see them share their learning experiences with others."  


During the 11th Annual Aresty Undergraduate Research Symposium, Jenny presented a poster to an audience of faculty, peers, and interested community members that explained and summarized her research findings on biofuels. For her efforts, Jenny was the first to receive the inaugural Dr. Aikis Constantinides Endowed Scholarship, a prestigious award that recognized Jenny’s scientific scholarship and creativity.


Since beginning her academic career at Rutgers, Jenny has made Dean’s List every consecutive semester. As a second-year student, Jenny earned the Rutgers University 2015 Academic Excellence Award, which recognized the top 10% of the School of Arts and Sciences students. Jenny plans on applying to graduate school, where she intends to earn her doctorate in Biochemical Engineering. In her spare time, Jenny enjoys playing golf, drawing and painting.