Disha Mathur Joins Teach for America Corps

Writing Coach

Writing Coach Disha Mathur Joins Teach for America Corps


Since entering her first year at Rutgers, Disha, now a senior in the Honors Program at The School of Arts and Sciences, has made the Dean’s List each consecutive semester. Her major is public health, with a minor in psychology.


Disha is currently President of the student chapter of New Jersey Public Health Association, in which she organizes local community service activities such as volunteering at soup kitchens and food drives. She also hosts guest speaker events, seminars, documentary screenings, and panel discussions. 

Teach for America

What attracted Disha to Teach for America?

Disha sought to join Teach for America for three very compelling reasons. First, TFA has a proven track record of attracting smart and motivated people – an amazing network, which she was motivated to be a part of. Second, TFA provides young college graduates, with arguably few skills and experiences, the opportunity to make a genuine and lasting difference in the lives of many. Finally, it allows Disha to share her passion for education. She has learned to excel academically and now wants to learn how to cultivate that skill in others. In her short yet well-traveled life, she has had the experience of witnessing both extremes of the educational opportunity spectrum and wants to help improve it. She recalls being painfully aware about the massive disparities in education between students around the world. These experiences have made her aware of the moral obligation she has to ensure a more equal educational future for students, regardless of their economic status. And TFA shares that same vision.

Where and what grade will she be teaching?

Disha has been assigned to teach Early Childhood Education (Pre-K) in New York City.

Advice to Students

Don’t be discouraged if things don’t always work out as planned! This can relate to course scheduling, events, jobs, friends, or future goals. Plans change but everything will work out eventually. Seize opportunities and don’t be afraid of failure. When I first learned about Teach for America, I immediately applied. Lastly, try to study or volunteer abroad if you can! It will be an amazing experience.