Divy at his poster in fall 2011
Divyagash Swargaloganathan Major: Biomedical Engineering, anticipated graduation May 2014 Peer Leader: Divy joined the LA Program in fall 2011 as a sophomore. He is currently participating in his third year as a learning assistant for the analytical physics I course (01:750:123 & 124).   Accomplishments:                             Awards Tau Beta Pi Scholarship from Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering Honors society Academic Excellence Award for being in the top 10% of rising junior class Internship Summer internship at Mathematical Bioscience Institute, Ohio State University Involved in a genetics... Continued
Mark Zoppina at fall 2012 poster session
Mark ZoppinaProfile: Mark is majoring in electrical and computer engineering. He will graduate with hs BS degree in May 2014. Peer Leader: Mark joined the LA Program in fall 2012, and currently participating for his fourth semester as an LA for the introduction to computers for engineers (a.k.a., MATLAB) course. Accomplishments: Mark is a member of the Society of Hispanic Engineers, the Rutgers Salsa Club, and the Rutgers Chess Club. Since the fall of 2012 he has been a Help Desk Consultant at the Rutgers Computing Help Desk. This past summer (2013) he participated in an internship at Credit Suisse. Personal Interests: Mark... Continued
students studying together
The holiday season was a time for many students to recuperate after fall semester. For some students, winter break might have served as a welcomed relief after struggling through a challenging semester. For other students, winter break might have been a well-earned reward for working diligently and doing well in the fall. Whatever the case may be, coming back to a new semester comes with a slew of new challenges. Consequently, it is important to learn how to combat these challenges by utilizing effective strategies to help lay a good foundation for academic success in the spring.  STEP 1: Reflect. The beginning of the semester is a great time to reflect on your academic... Continued
picture of Mike DiBuono by his research poster
Michael DiBuono Profile: Mike is majoring in mechanical and aerospace engineering, minoring in mathematics, and concentrating in aerospace engineering. Peer Leader: Mike joined the LA Program in fall 2012, and was promoted to a lead learning assistant position in fall 2013, mentoring first-year LAs, holding staff meetings, and helping with program assessment. In addition to the physics 123/4 course, Mike also helped to introduce learning assistants in the engineering mechanics (statics) 221 course course. Accomplishments: Mike has earned Dean's List honors in his previously two semesters and is currently on track to graduate with high... Continued
picture of Bruno Janota by his research poster
Bruno Janota is majoring in mechanical engineering.  Bruno is participating as a learning assistant for his third year; in addition to the physics 115/6 course, this semester he also is leading study groups for physics 227. Bruno has been a student research with the ARESTY Program since fall 2012 working on the Flapping Robots and Flying Insects Project and has been a student researcher in the Mechanical and Chemical Engineering Department working on Pyro-E: Waste Heat Harvesting. He has been a resident assistant in the First Year Engineering Hall since fall 2011. In addition, Bruno has had two internship experiences. In... Continued