Rutgers Learning Center Staff at Park City Mathematics Institute
For the past three weeks I have been immersed in mathematics at Park City Math Institute (PCMI) – a unique program that brings together over 300 individuals from all various parts of the mathematics community. I had the good fortune of being able to learn from, not only fellow undergraduates, but also graduate students, post docs, professors, and K-12 teachers. I even ran into our very own Dr. Alice Seneres, Director of Integrated Academic Support Programs, who was participating in the diversity workshop. Park City, Utah is both naturally and culturally rich. It is situated in the picturesque Wasatch Mountains and the city is renowned for annually hosting the Sundance film festival, as... Continued
2017 Spring Regional LA Workshop
The Rutgers Learning Centers hosted the Spring 2017 Mid-Atlantic Regional LA Workshop on April 7th and 8th. During this two-day workshop, faculty and staff from 8 different institutions participated in group sessions and discussions focusing on the Learning Assistant (LA) Program. Some of the session topics included starting an LA Program, the essential elements of the LA Program, how to utilize LAs, the pedagogy course taken by LAs, peer leader training, and measuring student outcomes.           Some participants observed an LA in an Organic Chemistry recitation or an Organic Chemistry study group leader facilitating a study group session. Others learned about the Active Learning... Continued
students studying together
For your convenience, you can now submit your paper online to a writing coach without having to trek to campus. We do ask, however, that you allow for a reasonable lead time when submitting your paper, typically 72 hours, depending on whether you submit your paper during the week or over the weekend. This will allow your writing coach adequate time to read your paper and offer thoughtful comments and suggestions about how you can improve as a writer.             The process is easy; just follow these four steps: 1) Click on 2) Attach your document 3) Include in your email message any relevant information... Continued
On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, the Rutgers New Brunswick Chancellor’s Student Leadership Awards Gala honored 40 undergraduate students for their incredible accomplishments and contributions to Rutgers and community at large. The following award categories recognized a student or student organization for their commitment, leadership, and pride for Rutgers: Chancellor’s Leadership Award Paul Roberson Renaissance Award Champion of Teaching and Learning Champion of Diversity and Inclusion Research Excellence Student Staff Excellence Competitive Excellence Bridge Builder Award Spirit of Rutgers Award Outstanding Service Revolutionary Award Among the honorees, Misha Faerovitch, an Organic... Continued
Aditya Hublikar
Rutgers Experience and Accomplishments Currently in his fourth year as a Biomedical Engineering major with a Psychology minor, Aditya Hublikar has had plenty of time to reflect on his experiences at Rutgers University and work on his goal of becoming a physician. He decided to attend Rutgers due to feeling that the school could provide him with the best education as possible, as well as being economically-sound, with resources that any student needs to succeed. By focusing his efforts on studying and getting involved on campus, Aditya earned his induction into two academic honor societies, as well as two honors academies within the School of Engineering. In Fall 2016, he... Continued