Mission & Goals

Our Purpose

To advance student learning and prepare students for their future professions through innovative services and transformed teaching practices that promote faculty collaboration, student engagement, active and collaborative learning.

Our Mission

We strive to be a leading resource to the University and higher education community by supporting learning and development, as well as serving as a liaison between students, faculty, courses and scholarship in the learning sciences. We involve students at all levels of planning and execution, building a student-directed academic community that uses research-validated best practices and continuous assessment to maintain high quality services and to advance scholarship. We promote and support course transformations, develop support materials, and create integrated and interdisciplinary programs to support teaching and learning across the University.

Our Goals

  • Provide students with the academic tools to become successful active and independent learners.
  • Develop students’ leadership skills through their roles as peer leaders (tutors, learning assistants, writing coaches, etc.).
  • Collaborate with departments to develop materials and programs that assist students in meeting course, department, and university learning goals.
  • Assess and evaluate LC programs to inform and transform the practices of academic support programs and instruction.
  • Enhance and expand collaborative and active learning opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.