Spring 2015

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Our Mission Our Passion - Transforming the student experience

Livingston Learning Center

The Learning Centers strive to help you find the support, community, and resources—through multiple pathways of success—to excel at Rutgers and succeed in your future career.  Our services are free to all students on the New Brunswick campus.  Whether you are interested in collaborating academically with your peers or wanting to develop valuable leadership skills, you will find an academic support service that fits your needs and advances peer learning.   

To read more about the Learning Centers and how we can assist you, please continue reading.

Work for Us, Study with Us:  The Learning Centers' Learning Assistant Program

Two Learning Assistant discussing their posterOne of the ways you can work for the Learning Centers (LC) is as a Learning Assistant (LA).  LAs contribute in the classroom in several ways, including facilitating discussions and workshops during lectures, team teaching recitation or laboratory sections with a graduate teaching assistant, or independently leading supplemental study groups.  During their first semester, LAs lead study groups, take a 3-credit, 300-level pedagogy course, attend weekly staff meetings, and participate in professional development workshops offered by the LC.  At the end of the semester, LAs participate in two final projects of the course which include a final paper and a poster presentation.  To learn more about the LA Annual Poster Session and the Learning Assistant Program, please continue reading.

Students can join a study group, at the beginning of each semester, for a course listed on the LC website, visit the online registration site to sign up or join a waitlist. You must be currently registered in the course to enroll through this system. 

To apply to for a position with the LA Program visit our website.

Join the LA Program Listserv to keep informed of LA Program events, dates, and opportunities: https://email.rutgers.edu/mailman/listinfo/rutgers_laprogram

To learn more about other opportunities to work at the Learning Centers, visit our website.

Precalculus … It’s not just a class, it’s an adventure

student at chalkboardAfter a rough start last semester, Cooper Tunnard, a Rutgers transfer student, gained momentum and successfully navigated his way through Precalculus with some help from the Learning Centers' walk-in group tutoring at the Livingston Learning Center, and he will be back this spring.   

To read more about Cooper’s experience using walk-in group tutoring for math assistance, please continue reading.

Free help with course work

Tutor working with a tuteeLast semester, more than 1,800 students visited the Learning Centers (LC) for walk-in group tutoring.  This semester, the LC will employ more than 80 tutors across the 4 New Brunswick Campuses—Busch, College Avenue, Cook/Douglass and Livingston—all of whom assist students in their course work, while promoting a collaborative academic environment through the walk-in group tutoring program.  

Tutoring begins the first week of classes and ends the last day of classes.  Limited tutoring is available during the reading days and finals week based upon tutor availability.

To get to know one of our math tutors, Afolabi Sanusi, please continue reading.

Academic and Writing Coaching

Did you know students can meet with an Academic or Writing Coach for FREE?   You can sign-up online for a confidential appointment that is tailored to your specific academic needs.  There are coaching offices located in all four of the Learning Centers

Spring 2015 - Workshop Series

Checkout our academic and writing workshops!

Academic Success Series - How to Be a Successful Rutgers Student

  • Thursdays 5-6 p.m., Livingston Student Center

Scholarship Application Workshop Series

The Learning Centers offer academic skills and writing workshops for student groups, university organizations, and courses. We can schedule a workshop in a classroom or other academic space 7 days a week from 9 a.m. - 10 p.m. depending on the coaches' availability.  To schedule, sign up for or learn more about an academic or writing workshop, please visit our website.

Free Resources

Textbooks, scientific models, and calculators are available to borrow while studying in the Learning Centers

Visit a Learning Center today to learn if your textbook is available.