Livingston Learning Center

Located in Tillett Hall, in room 111, this center includes the following available spaces (all tables can be rearranged as needed):

  • 3 collaborative rooms (111M, 111N, 111P - 18 people each; can be reserved individually or all together up to 54 people).
  • 1 conference room (Tillett 111L - 12 people)
  • 1 small meeting room (Tillett 111H - 3 people)
Collaborative Room 111 P (single)

Can accommodate up to 18 people and has a monitor and multiple whiteboards.

Collab Room Single

Collaborative Rooms 111 NP (two combined)

Can accommodate up to 36 people and has 2 monitors and multiple whiteboards.

Two collab rooms

Collaborative Rooms 111 MNP (three combined)

Can accommodate up to 54 people and has 3 monitors and multiple whiteboards.

Three collab rooms combined.

Conference Room, Tillett 111L

Can accommodate up to 12 people and has a monitor and multiple whiteboard.

Conference Room

Small Meeting Room, 111H
Can accommodate up to 3 people with multiple dry erase boards.